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Over Forceview

Strategische Personeels-planning in één applicatie.

Forceview is een systeem onafhankelijke plug and play oplossing voor Strategic Workforce Planning. It gives you strategic view of your workforce and helps you to analyze the characteristics and development of your personnel. Decide what actions will deliver the best ROI on your human capital and facilitate your employees in designing their own career paths. Forceview connects HR metrics and HR analytics with the ability to align individual ambitions with the organizational goals. With Forceview you create an agile organization that can adapt in time to the demands of the future.

  • Strategische personeelsplanning

    Build a better workforce for the short and long term.

  • Talent management

    Recruit, retain, and develop the most talented and superior employees available.

  • Data visualisatie

    Understanding complex data by placing it in a visual context.


Wat maakt Forceview een must-have app voor HR managers?
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Employee Insights

Your employees can use Forceview to determine the extent to which they match the future profile. Employees can answer questions like: “What competencies must I develop in order to function optimally?” And: “What position best suits my talents?”
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Analyses In No Time

Forceview makes it easy to create comprehensive analyses and lay the foundations for the desired future scenario. Forceview can help you determine which actions generate the best results, which in turn helps your organization stay ahead. Easily make careful strategic decisions and substantiate these for your coworkers and management members.
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Reageer onmiddellijk op risico’s

Tailor all human resource activities to your organizational strategy. Intuitive filter options give you a clear overview of the relationships and trends between organizational units and job categories. Based on the different characteristics, Forceview can automatically identify risks and opportunities so you can respond promptly.
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Rapid Implementation

Forceview offers a system-independent cloud solution that can be rapidly implemented with minimal investments in terms of time and costs. Collecting and identifying the necessary information takes approximately two to five days, after which you’re ready to start.


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